We are "messengers" of traditional Italian food and we are convinced that the quality and taste of food affect positively on living and acting of every human being. Learn to feed your body in a healthy way with genuine products, carefully grown and selected because it is the first rule of good living.

A consortium, the realities of Italian food, three main objectives.


Promote Italian food quality and support healthy companies of the territory.


Enhance the visibility of the consortium on the international markets.


Develop commercial and manufacturing synergies between members of the consortium

A wide range of products, many specialties of different food categories. Each selected product is a key element of the kitchen and the table of all the houses worldwide. The most representative italian companies, living realities that have made Italian being a reason of dignity, high standards of taste and quality that is hard to find elsewhere. We ITAFOOD believe that good food is a right of all; and it is our greatest desire to be able to spread smells and scents of our land wherever there are noses ready to appreciate them.

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