The Pallante family story began in 1949 Irpinia (Avellino - Italy) where members of the family started milling with their first water-powered mill and producing 2.5 tons of pasta per day. Faithful to the pasta tradition, the family is now in its fourth generation. The current pasta factory, located near the Royal Palace of Caserta -historic home of the Bourbon of Naples and proclaimed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site - produces 290 tons daily and selects only the finest semolina which is then processed by using the best combination of tradition and technology. From a commercial standpoint, Pastificio Antonio Pallante has become an international player and now exports to many countries around the world in various different sectors from supermarket chains to manufacturers and food service to restaurant chains. The brand Pasta Reggia is recognized for its quality and this is thanks to the milling skills the Pallante family have maintained throughout almost 70 years of history.



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